Suffocation – Paris 2014



Suffocation from Long Island, New York, USA, was headlining at Le Divan du Monde, Paris, France on Wednesday 30th July 2014.

Frank Mullen on vocals, Terrance Hoobs on lead guitar, Guy Marchais on guitars, Derek Boyer on bass guitar and Kevin Talley at the drums are playing a heavy and technical death metal. Frank Mullen had quite a load a fun during the night it seems, ever smiling and putting on good jokes while Derek seemed to headbang himself to death! A really great show!


  1. Catatonia
  2. Effigy of the Forgotten
  3. Pierced from Within
  4. Entrails of You
  5. Breeding the Spawn
  6. As Grace Descends
  7. Funeral Inception
  8. Dismal Dream
  9. Liege of Inveracity
  10. Thrones of Blood


Thanks to Charly from Hibooking for the photopass!


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